(and on the promise of eros)
One of the pleasures of blogging (this is blogging, right?) that I recall from its early-oughts heyday was coming up with a blogroll, the list of…
its history and its misuses explored
reflections on attention and consumption
with reference to Frasier and Ariadne auf Naxos
and what we do, and don't, own
Against the Expertise Model of Education One of the first questions I typically get when I tell people outside the academy that I teach philosophy is…
(and why The Rocky Horror Picture Show is bad, actually)
reflections on Whit Stillman's Metropolitan (1990)
or: can we look forward and backward at once?
Since early June, Dhananjay and I have been traveling on some combination of a writing retreat and a belated, post-pandemic romantic vacation: our first…
and whether it is required of us