on NFTs, twitter discourse, and the perils of fantasy (Symposium on Vice: Part V)
Symposium on Vice: Part IV

January 2023

on the uses and abuses of social media (Symposium on Vice: Part III)

November 2022

Symposium on Vice: Part II

October 2022

Symposium on Vice: Part I

July 2022

David Brooks recently asked in his NYT column whether we should think of our lives not as stories but as games (or, more precisely, as series of games…

June 2022

and why its second year was so much harder than the first one

April 2022

with reference to Frasier and Ariadne auf Naxos

March 2022

Against the Expertise Model of Education One of the first questions I typically get when I tell people outside the academy that I teach philosophy is…

January 2022

and what it is for

December 2021

reflections on Whit Stillman's Metropolitan (1990)

November 2021

and the good of love, children, and art