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To read more about this project, see our manifesto / pitch. As we say there, our essays center on the idea of “value-laden aesthetics: the study of beauty as an ethical phenomenon; the understanding of social life as pervaded by questions of our perceptions of one another; the interrogation of the idea of life as art; coming to grips with the ancient suggestion that beauty is itself our aim in living well and living as we ought.”

This publication is a joint effort of Tara Isabella Burton and Dhananjay Jagannathan. 

Tara is a novelist, theologian, and journalist. Her latest book Strange Rites: New Religions for a Godless World will soon be out in paperback (Public Affairs); her new novel The World Cannot Give (Simon & Schuster) arrives next March.

Dhananjay is a professor, scholar of Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, and essayist, who has written about musicliterature, politics (here and here), and religion. His academic writing centers on the ethics and politics of Aristotle.